Harmony Mint Combination

Hand-made mosaic with natural stones and porcelain. Magnolia Collection is designed by Galeria Design Studio.


Harmony Mint Combination

Natural Stones:  Ming Greem Tumbled

Porcelain:  Leighton Light and Leighton Grey Tumbled


*Customization available in all Stone Groups ( I, II, III and IV ). Advise your Sales Rep if changes needed.

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Our Magnolia design allows you to use it according to your needs; choose one, two, or all the flowers of your choice and fill them with the field mosaic for an exact arrangement on your wall.


M - HM - Petals

Magnolia Petals

SKU 22010151600411

M - HM - PetalsSteam

Magnolia Petals & Steam

SKU 2202015141641

M - HM - Steam

Magnolia Steam

SKU 2203202010031

M - HM - Field

Magnolia Field Mosaic

SKU 2204202000031

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