Our Magnolia Collection is the perfect blend between the bright, relaxing, and timeless Scandinavian aesthetic, with the colors, textures, and minimalism of the Japanese style.
A beautiful focal point inspired by nature that will not overpower your room, generating a relaxing environment full of peace connecting you with your inner wellness.

Magnolia Collection

M - BG

Breath of Ginger Combination

SKU 2202123053541

M - CF

Champagne Flute Combination

SKU 2202105284541

M - DM

Dreamy Moon Combination

SKU 2202101150041

M - FS

Frozen Sage Combination

SKU 2202127150141

M - HM

Harmony Mint Combination

SKU 2202015141641

M - WL

Walnut Latte Combination

SKU 2202122052341

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