We´re still the same Galeria Marble, just with more growth


We updated our logo, wordmark and colors. We also evolved from “Galeria Marble Mosaics, The artist, the craftsman” to “Galeria Marble”. The name of Galeria Marble began as a reminder of our founder´s experience exploring new ways of sell marble mosaics. One of the most remembered anecdotes was the time they visited showrooms to show our unique mosaics mounted like if were an exhibition in one art gallery.




At the beginning of the year we made a complete makeover of the website to show our products in a better way, and for better communication. A couple of highlights:

  • We added a complete section dedicated to our products, now you can search by collection or product, as well you can check more about information of every one of our designs.
  • A new blog section named “Galerias Book” was created, there you can find news, information, trends, ideas and our announcements.
  • The “Designer´s tools” section was added. There you can find catalogues and documents with specification sheets and more.
  • We´ve renamed our “Custom Program” to “Designer´s Program” and added a section with all the information.







Galeria Marble Mosaics started out as a terracotta mosaics business, but we´ve expanded beyond that material and become offering marble and other mosaics. Today we have a lot of customers all over the USA territory.

As our customers needs have evolved, our business and products have evolved right along with them. We built our new brand identity and the overall customer experience to scale and change in step.

Since the beginning, design and quality have been a core part of what has always differentiated us, and it´s in everything we do.

Overtime we found that parts of our customer experience grew in different directions, we didn´t want our brand to feel disjointed, so we created a more unified and recognizable brand.

With this redesign, we set out to retain all the heritage and lovable elements that endeared our founders and earliest customers, while creating space for the brand to grow and connect with even more creative business.

We didn´t want to lose our heritage in the process so we focused on capturing the essence of what Galeria Marble has always been.


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