Designer´s program

Designers program of Galeria Marble Mosaics it´s the reinvention of the custom concept, we create a new program that can help you in the development of any idea that you want to put in a covering.




Thanks to the experience and infrastructure that Galeria Marble Mosaics has, we can easily create tailored coverings for you. Any idea that you put in our talented personnel hands will be transformed in a work of art. Every step of our handcrafted fabrication process adds value and unique detail to all the pieces, from the evaluation, experimentation and solution that our designers do, to the fabrication that our artisans make, we look for the essence and the exclusive personality in every single one of our projects.


Galeria Marble Mosaics – The Studio

All the ideas that you provide with trust to our studio, we look into, to give a solution. Our design department is in charge of giving form and structure, in a creative way, to every especial project that you have. For us, every new proposal it’s a new opportunity to make the impossible possible.

The final product is limited only by your imagination.

We start from a call, email or a sketch, to transform a simple idea into a luxurious panel or mosaic handcrafted by our artisans with the materials and the high quality that you deserve, you just have to make a request to us and rapidly we can start designing an exclusive tailored product for you.

Resize and Recolor – The Atelier

We always want to give you the product that you need, but we know that sometimes you want it in different sizes or materials, textures or colors from the ones that we presented to you, it´s just a matter of preference. We can work to take our designs, make some changes according to your needs, and produce amazing coverings that are unique, with the quality that represents Galeria. It will be our same product line but with the size, form, colors and texture that you desire.


Waterjet solutions – Technology

With ideas and technologies there are no limits. We can offer the better solution to all of those complicated and precise designs using the best tools, our team works hard to accomplish any petition that you have. With waterjet we can give you clean and beautiful mosaics with the most intricate forms, so come to us with a challenge and we’ll solve it with all the materials and knowledge that we have.

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