The newest high-end collection of Galeria Marble Mosaics

Galeria Marble Mosaics is pleased to introduce Cubes Limited Collection

The six elegant mosaics that set up this collection finds its inspiration in the contemporary sculpture scene.
We started looking answers in the mind and work of all of those contemporary artist that go further than anyone else, then we experiment with textures and tridimensional shapes.




The result are this collection that as well took inspiration on one of our most beloved designs.

For this collection we work hand to hand with metal artisans to bring you this beatiful piece of art.



The hexagon was made of bronze and with that pattern texture we want with this collection, we bring personality and uniqueness to the place that our product is instaled, moreover with this limited colection, we offer at our costumers a timeless design with high quality of craftmanship and finest materials that ensure that it will pass the test of time.



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