CH 3

Chevron Collection

Café au Lait Combination

Polished SKU. 0503105170011

Honed SKU. 0503105170021


Hand-made mosaic with natural stones, Thassos, and Stone Dream. CH4 is part of Chevron Collection designed by Galeria Design Studio.

Café au Lait Combination

Natural Stone:  Thassos, and Stone Dream.

      Polished SKU. 0503105170011

      Honed SKU. 0503105170021

*Customization available in all Stone Groups ( I, II, III and IV ). Advise your Sales Rep if changes needed.

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Chevron is a classic design pattern that now we redesign in our tile mosaics with a new perspective bringing it to the present. Be inventive and mix modern with classical.

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